Using Maptak with Windows Printing scaleable maps

Printing the maps.

Printing entire map
Under the File menu choose the Page Configuration dialog box. Select sheet size, orientation and other desired items. Position the cursos over the map and press the right mouse button Press right mouse button. then choose Print. Select printer settings then click OK. The entire map will be printed regardless of what is shown on the screen.
Printing enlarged parts of a map
Open and zoom in to the part you want to print. Maximize your browser and then follow the instructions described in Increasing screen viewing area. Make a screen shot of the browser window by pressing Alt + Print screen. You now have a copy of the image in your paste board. Open the Paint program (Start button > Programs > Accessories > Paint). In the Edit window, select Paste and the map will appear in the paint program. With the image now in the paint program, you can manipulate it as desared and print it.

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