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P.N.I. La Amistad Legend

Parque Nacional Internacional la Amistad

Parque Nacional Internacional la Amistad

Area: 168,458 hectares, (404,299 acres)

Established: 2/22/82

Description: The nations largest national park straddles the Talamanca mountain range. This great park occupies one fifth of the territory of Costa Rica and spans a width of 80 km, (48 miles). The park houses the largest repository of animals, birds and plant life in the nation. It is joined by a sister park in Panamá. These mountains are not volcanic in origin as are the mountains in the north. The park spans eight of Costa Rica's twelve life zones. It protects the largest mountain rain forest in Central America. There are many Indian reservations bordering the park. Services include trails with shelters camping areas, latrines and drinking water.

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