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P.N. Corcovado Legend

Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica

Parque Nacional Corcovado

Area: Land - 42,469 hectares, (101,925 acres)
Water - 4,306 hectares, (10,334 acres)

Established: 10/31/75

Description: This park protects an extraordinary biological wealth and can be considered a mini-Amazon because of its similar vegetation. There are lowlands, swamps and mountainous areas. Sightings of jaguars and other big cats are common. You will most certainly see howler and capuchino monkeys. The park houses the largest collection of scarlet macaws (1,200 birds) in Central America. It has 400 fowl species, 139 mammal species and 115 amphibian and reptile species plus 16 species of fresh water fish. These conditions attract a large number of scientists. There are trails that can be traveled on horseback or on foot. Services include camping and eating areas, rest rooms, showers, drinking water, natural trails, exhibition area, information provided by signs and guides.

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