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Isla del Coco   


Translation of the Spanish text on the map.

On the 15th. of September of the year 1869, the exploratory expedition commanded by Rafael Oreamuno, hoisted the flag of Costa Rica. This act was ordered by the government of president Jesús Jiménez.

After that it was a penitentiary for political prisoners.

At this time, more than 20 expeditions have arrived, trying to discover the treasures buried by pirates in different periods.

Map source: Archivo Nacional, San José Costa Rica.

This map was drawn in 1883 by José María Figueroa Oreamuno and refers to the Executive Order No. 141, dated August 21, 1889 of the second administration of Jesús Jiménez. More information credits.

Antique map of the Isla del Coco.

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